It's important to find an attorney that you can trust. This is someone that you rely on, not only for legal services but for support throughout the trial process. Because of this, you need someone who takes your needs seriously. This is exactly what you'll receive from The Law Office of Kimberley Donald. Attorney Kim has been practicing professionally for over twenty-five years. In this time, she has helped countless families and individuals work their way out of difficult situations. Additionally, her clients all receive personalized care. You can trust attorney Kim when you need legal support with a caring, nurturing attitude.

Attorney Kim Donald has vast experience. She earned her Juris Doctorate from the Chicago-Kent College of Law at the Illinois Institute of Technology. After that, she worked as a city attorney. Clients can rely on her services and caring attitude. As a mother, she knows what it takes to take care of those in need. To that end, you can turn to attorney Kim when you need civil litigation or a strong criminal defense. She is committed to providing clients with the best service for both misdemeanor and felony cases. You don't need to face the court system alone. Instead, be sure that you have a qualified expert on your side. The Law Office of Kimberley Donald is located in Kankakee, IL and serves other nearby locations, which include:

  • Essex, IL
  • Herscher, IL
  • Bradley, IL
  • Grant Park, IL
  • Bonfield, IL
  • Irwin, IL
  • Watseka, IL
  • Clifton, IL
  • Iroquis, IL
  • Danforth, IL